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PayPerHeads.com Betting Software and Lines

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PayPerHeads.com has a successful record of working with more than 200 independent bookies.

Most importantly all these bookies agree that one of the strongest points of PayPerHeads.com is the quality of their betting software.

PayPerHeads.com has designed betting software that allows bookies to run their business effectively and efficiently.

PayPerHeads.com betting software includes features that allow bookies to have complete control of their business from one place.

For instance, the PayPerHeads.com control dashboard offers a visually attractive interface.

From the dashboard, the bookie can access the most relevant information on everything that is happening on the betting site.

As a result, the bookie will be able to access each user’s information. Consequently, the bookie will be able to customize and modify their credit limits and activate or deactivate the account as required.

Within the dashboard, there is also the reporting tool.

With the report tool, the bookie can obtain information on profits and losses, betting trends, among others. Full review PayPerHeads.com here.

From the control dashboard, the bookie can also access the vast catalog of betting lines, which includes more than 80 sports from all over the world. You can compare these pay per head shop with other pay per head reviews here.

The betting lines provided by PayPerHeads.com are carefully crafted by oddsmakers with 10 to 20 years of experience in the industry.

Your subscription will include:

Although the betting lines provided by PayPerHeads.com are well balanced, the bookie will be able to move them and adjust the game according to their preferences from the control dashboard.


PayPerHeads.com has been in the market since 2008, during all these years the bookies that work with this provider do not report any problems.

The betting software provided by PayPerHeads.com is easy to use and has no errors.

One of the features that bookies like the most is that all betting lines can be adjusted according to their preferences.