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Real Bookies Betting Software and Lines

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For an independent bookie, the most important thing to assess in a Pay Per Head provider is the betting software’s quality and lines.

RealBookies is one of the oldest companies in the betting industry and has worked with over 1000 independent bookies over the years.

Betting software

Real Bookies betting software has versions for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices such as tablets.

Being able to use the betting software from different devices allows bookies great flexibility in managing their betting business.

Within the software, there is a betting dashboard available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The betting dashboard updates in real-time, so it always presents the latest information for each betting line.

In addition to the betting dashboard, you can also access a report library where the bookie can obtain detailed reports on everything in the business.

The betting software is simple to use and takes a couple of hours to get used to its interface.

They also offer the following features:

If the bookie has questions, he can contact the Real Bookies support service.

Most importantly customer service staff is multilingual and is available all year round.

Betting lines

Real Bookies offers betting lines for 80 leagues and sports around the world. Check the full RealBookies.com review here or look for more pay per head reviews.

In general, the betting lines offered by Real Bookies are quite good, maintaining the correct balance between value for the bettor and juice for the bookie.

By offering betting lines for so many events worldwide, sometimes lines lag and are not updated in due time.

This small delay in the betting lines means that Real Bookies receives a rating of A+ in its betting lines in different online votes.


Real Bookies betting software offers all the functions a bookie could need to run their business.

The betting dashboard is very intuitive and easy to read. And the report library contains all the types of reports necessary to make the best decisions about the business.

The offer of betting lines is quite robust, and although some of them sometimes lag, the bookie can quickly move them thanks to the betting dashboard