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Bookmaking Software has designed casino software that allows bookies to create an additional source of income.

Bookmaking Software’s casino software fully integrates with the sportsbook and betting site services. So bettors don’t have to create separate accounts or make multiple deposits to use each of the services.

The Bookmaking Software team knows very well the challenges involved in operating an online casino. For this reason, they have designed casino software that works in automatic mode.

That is to say, the bookie does not have to be supervising the operation of the casino.

They also offer the following features:

As a result, bookies can provide their clients with a vast catalog of casino games 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The games catalog includes:

American and European roulette
Slot Machines
Video poker
Among others

Not many Pay Per Head providers include Bingo in their casino games catalog.

Bookmaking Software has conducted several investigations and has found that the trend of bettors looking for bingo games has increased in recent years.

Initiatives such as bingo games show that Bookmaking Software is a company that is continuously innovating and designing products that appeal to the tastes of gamblers.

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Bookmaking Software’s casino software offers a new level of gaming experience for bettors.

Their games are carefully designed to appeal to bettors’ tastes, and the company is constantly updating and improving the games and gaming experience.