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PPHSportsbooks.com Casino Software

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As a provider of Pay Per Head, PPHSportsbooks has stood out in the industry for its high-quality service and great attention to detail.

Certainly, PPHSportsbooks has all the services a bookie needs to run a successful betting business.

Within that service, offer is the casino software.

With PPHSportsbooks casino software, bookies can set up their own online casino with just a few clicks, and best of all, it works automatically.

All games in the PPHSportsbooks casino software are fully automated.

In other words, bettors only need to fund their accounts at the betting site. And within minutes, they can be pulling the lever on the slots or playing a hand of video poker.

Besides being completely automatic, the PPHSportsbooks casino software games have a very attractive visual design, with sounds and animations that remind of a real casino.

The following features are included:

The PPHSportsbooks game catalog has more than 100 games, including:

Slot machines with a wide variety of themes
American Roulette
Video poker

Bookies can choose the games they prefer to place on their betting site and create a unique gaming experience for their bettors.

Thanks to the robust software of PPHSportsbooks, the games are compatible with almost any device from a desktop to a smartphone. Check their full review here or compare other pay per head reviews.


The online casino is something that cannot be missing from a gambling site.

With PPHSportsbooks casino software, bookies can create an online casino that offers a great gaming experience to bettors.

Also, bookies will be able to customize and configure many features of the online casino with just a few clicks.

In short, PPHSportsbooks is one of the best companies in the market to establish an online casino.