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HowToBeABookie.com Live Casino Software

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HowToBeABookie.com wants to revolutionize the world of online casinos.

For this reason, they have invested a large sum of money in putting together the best team of professionals and designing the best online casino software on the market.

Along with the online casino software is a robust live casino platform.

As a result, HowToBeABookie.com’s live casino platform is unlike any other in the industry.

They also offer the following features:

One of the most remarkable features of the HowToBeABookie.com live casino platform is the dealers.

The HowToBeABookie.com offices are located in San Jose, Costa Rica. So most of the dealers are from this country.

These dealers have a much friendlier and more enjoyable treatment than those of other live casinos.

Most importantly, the dealers are always ready to help, they never lose their good spirits, and they always smile at you.

Other live casinos have excellent live dealers, but in some cases, they are cold or do not create a good atmosphere in the gaming room.

Certainly, by having a team of live dealers like the ones at HowToBeABookie.com, bookies can offer their bettors a live casino platform that stands out from the competition.

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In short the excellent staff of live dealers, plus the superb catalog of live games that HowToBeABookie.com offers, produce a winning combination.

Within the games catalog, we find:

Roulette in a wide variety of formats
Among others


The live casino segment is one of the most contested in the betting industry, but with HowToBeABookie.com, bookies can quickly gain a good portion of the market.