Betting on the Go (Mobile Betting Features offered by Pay Per Head Providers)

Technology advance at full speed, just a few years ago people used computers from a fixed place like their office or house, but now those days are gone, thanks to mobile computing and now people are connected everywhere any time surfing the internet through the screen of smartphones and tablets.

These days it is not enough to have a betting site, if you really want to make a good profit, you have to offer a complete set of mobile tools and features that allow players to place bets 24/7.

The pay per head solution offers to bookies the possibility to build a robust and professional betting site, that includes all the hot and latest mobile features players wants, making your betting site cutting edge services that can compete with the big names in the industry.

Your players will be able to access all the features and betting options you have on your regular betting site through their mobile devices, thanks to a native app specially build by the development staff of the price per head solution.

You can even offer players live casino games like mobile poker, remember that people go to their smartphones for killing some time at waiting rooms or long lines at airports and banks.

You can offer them an exciting and fun way to kill that time with an online casino game; this will give you an extra source of revenue and is a great tool to retain current clients.

Players can also place bets as the game develops while they are on the couch watching TV, trough the live betting option, this is the ultimate form of betting and you can offer this feature to your players when you utilize the price per head solution.