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HowToBeABookie.com Betting Software Lines

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Some of the most experienced and successful entrepreneurs in the betting industry came together to create HowToBeABookie.com.

Howtobeabookie is a Pay Per Head provider that has quickly built a good reputation in the betting industry.

Much of that reputation is due to its betting software. Check HowToBeABookie.com review here.

HowToBeABookie.com betting software above all characterized for providing everything a bookie needs in one place.

They also offer the following features:

The HowToBeABookie.com team has designed the betting software applying all the knowledge they have of the betting industry.

All of this knowledge has allowed them to create betting software that is simple and powerful.

One of the most outstanding aspects of this software is its powerful reporting tool.

Through the reporting tool, bookies will be able to track each bettor and each bet in real-time.

This reporting tool works in real-time, so bookies can keep abreast of what is happening in their business minute by minute.

HowToBeABookie.com betting software also gives bookies access to more than 80 professional, college, and amateur sports leagues worldwide.

A team of 30 experienced professionals is in charge of designing the betting lines.

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With such a large staff managing the betting lines, HowToBeABookie.com makes sure that they are designed in the best way, moving them at the right time to keep the juice for the bookie.