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In the market, many pay per head providers offer horse betting platforms that look precisely the same.

And do not have everything necessary for the bookie to generate a profitable source of income.

In order to design a product that would really be useful for bookies, the Bookmaking Software team built its own platform from scratch.

As a result, Bookmaking Software’s horse betting platform is unique in the market.

From the moment that bookie starts using the platform, it will notice the difference with the rest of the providers.

The Bookmaking Software platform is intuitive and has a very well design administration interface.

Consequently, bookies can update their clients’ information, modify credit limits, grade horse races, among other things from the administration interface.

Very few horse betting platforms offer the same level of control and management that Bookmaking Software provides.

They also offer the following features:

In addition to the powerful control system, the Bookmaking Software platform gives bookies access to more than 60 racetracks from all over the world.

This means that the bookie will offer his clients betting options for large events such as the triple crown and smaller events.

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Bookmaking Software has really gone to great lengths to design a horse betting platform that allows bookies to be competitive and lucrative.

There are few Pay Per Head providers on the market that have managed to stand out in the horse betting section as Bookmaking Software does.