Why You Should Use Premium Props For Your Pay Per Head Software

With the NFL season nearing the end, it’s likely that betting on your team to win it all will be a losing cause. Judging by the rankings, unless your team is in the top of your division, you may be throwing your money away. That’s where prop betting comes into play.

What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet, also called a “proposition wager,” is any wager that exists outside of a traditional betting option. The prop bet has no direct impact on the outcome of the game. Instead of betting on the winner of a game, a prop bet allows a person to bet if a player will score a touchdown, bet the over/under on rushing yards or bet yes or no if a quarterback will throw an interception. Prop bets allow for more wagers during a game and increases betting action and fun.


The over/under is betting that something will be over a set amount or under it. An example of this bet would be “How many interceptions will Tom Brady throw against (name of team)”. The betting odds are set at Over 1.5 +200/Under 1.5 -200. What this means is if you bet $100 that Tom Brady will throw over 1.5 interceptions and you win, you’ll be paid $300 ($100 for your initial investment plus the $200 in profit). If you win a bet on the Under, you would have to bet $200 just to win $100 profit.

What is the Premium Props Platform?

With BossAction, Premium Props brings the action to you with ease. With halftime and quarter line bets, offensive and defensive individual performance bets and non-traditional prop bets, Premium Props increases the action to a game by 15% or more.

Control the Action

With Premium Props, you are the agent and you make the decisions. The agent sets the limits for all of the prop betting options so you’ll know exactly what’s going on. You create the payout and determine which players can wager on the platform. These are same-player accounts, meaning your players must not switch accounts to access Premium Props.


Nothing’s more frustrating than not watching the action in real time. With Premium Props your players can watch the games via live streams and catch all the highlights and lowlights live. In-game betting lets your players wager while the game is happening. Game trackers allow your players to track games and examine their player’s stats before making their next bet.

Premium Props is the easy way to increase the betting options for all of your players. Whether you’re a serious agent or the casual moderator, Premium Props will take your betting game further with ease.

To learn more about BossAction’s pay per head software with Premium Props, click here.