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PPHSportsbooks.com Betting Software and Lines

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PPHSportsbooks is a Pay Per Head provider with a team with over 27 years of experience in the gambling industry.

The nearly three-decade long experience of the PPHSportsbooks team shows in their betting software. See their full review here.

PPHSportsbooks betting software has one of the best interfaces in the entire industry.

For instance, the menus are easy to use; the layout is very neat and provides a high-level experience.

The attention to detail of the PPHSportsbooks team is also evident in the betting dashboard, which presents all the information on the betting lines in a very easy-to-see way.

Moreover, the PPHSportsbooks reporting tool is very robust and generates real-time reports of absolutely everything that happens on the betting site.

Whether the bookie wants to know the number of bets placed in the last hour or how much the players have lost in the last three days, he will be able to access this data with a few clicks through the reporting tool.

The following features are included:

Betting lines

PPHSportsbooks betting lines are up to the market standard.

We can access betting lines for the USA’s main sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

And you can also find betting lines for European sports such as the English Premier League and the Spanish Soccer League.

In total, PPHSportsbooks provides lines for more than 80 leagues, events, and sports worldwide.

The betting lines from the moment they are published offer good juice for the bookie. Compare other pay per head reviews reviews here.

If the bookie wants to move a bet line, he can do it easily from the betting software.


For bookies who want to professionalize their operation more or want better quality of the betting lines they offer in their business, PPHSportsbooks is the best option.