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PPHSportsbooks.com Live Dealer Casino Software

The Next Generation of Sportsbook Software

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PPHSportsbooks has strived to keep up with new technologies and trends in the betting industry.

Employing the incredible attention to detail that characterizes them and their extensive knowledge of the betting industry, they have created one of the best live casino platforms.

Most importantly, through the PPHSportsbooks live casino platform, bookies can offer their bettors an extensive library of live games.

Some of the games included in the PPHSportsbooks library are:

Charming and cheerful dealers present all these games with great knowledge of each one.

PPHSportsbooks dealers make bettors feel like real VIPs.

Throughout the game, the dealers make sure that all the players in the room understand and follow the game rules.

They also made sure that all players behave properly.

The following features are included:

One of the main characteristics of all PPHSportsbooks products is multiplatform functionality, which is also present in the live casino.

Consequently, thanks to the multiplatform functionality, bettors will be able to access the live casino rooms from any device, even smartphones.

Another notable feature of PPHSportsbooks is that they do not charge extra for the live casino.

The bookie can offer all the services and rooms of the live casino to their bettors by merely contracting the basic Pay Per Head package from PPHSportsbooks. Check their full review here or compare other pay per head reviews.


The PPHSportsbooks live casino stands out for the quality of its games and its dealers’ great personality.

There may be some live casino platforms that offer a more extensive library of games. But PPHSports games are better executed and designed.

Bookies looking for a top-notch, accessible live casino platform should look no further; PPHSportsbooks is what they need.