How To Dominate as a Sports Betting Bookie

Since gambling has ever existed, there have been Bookies taken bets for whatever the sports or activities where are just willing to think “I should put a chip on that”. Now, nowadays this hasn’t changed much. It just got better with the boost of technology. 

The principles are basically the same when it comes to the business concept of it, today we will like to share with you so an advise on how to be a successful sports bookmaker.

Try to follow this suggestion across your bookie business model, keeping in mind to stay discipline on the main goal on how to become a successful bookie.  Ready? Okay, let’s go:

Get to know who is playing with you:

This doesn’t mean you have to literally know the player in person, is more about what profile of a sports bettor is. For example, how many tickets play per week, per month.

What kind of plays the player makes, weather he plays only props, parlays, teaser, etc. But why is this necessary? I will explain real quick, the more the customer plays, the more chances you have to get their money.

If a customer plays one single ticket per week–well, that is not a customer you want to have playing with, as it might be a very disciplined player who is looking to beat you down.

By the same token, if the player is only playing props, watch out as it could be looking for a weak spot as wrong lines and so forth on your pay per head provider, I even saw a player who was putting two slightly underdog NFL home teams and put them on a parlay, he hit 8 out of 10… Lucky maybe?

An efficient agent reports are an extremely and powerful weapon to get to know well your players, you can see exactly what sports and how often is your customer playing.

Our main goal is to provide you with the best tools and sources, for that reason we recommend you to use the per head services of

Their flexible and mobile friendly  reports interface is exactly what truly Bookie needs today.