Why is Pay Per Head Provider so Important for a Bookie Business?

Some bookies tend to underestimate the importance of their Pay Per Head provider.

As a result, they partner with any provider without verifying if it is legitimate and has all the necessary tools to manage a betting business.

A Pay Per Head provider can make or break a gambling business.

For this reason, bookies should take the time to choose a high-quality provider.

The Tennessee Case

For example, recently, the Tennessee Education Lottery suspended a sportsbook’s operations due to suspicions of credit card fraud and money laundering.

The main lesson of this case is that the operator did not commit any crime. Instead, scammers tried to use stolen or forged credit card numbers to deposit money into sportsbook accounts.

According to investigators’ reports, there is evidence of at least 23 suspicious activity incidents on gambling accounts.

The scammers made an initial deposit of $ 10 with a legitimate card associated with the account details. And then they tried to make deposits with different cards in the name of different people. In some cases, they tried to make up to 184 consecutive deposits in a single account.

The Sportsbook managed to detect the suspicious activity and suspended the accounts involved. But the problem was that they did it too late, which is why their license got suspended.

How can bookies avoid these situations?

To avoid being a victim of this type of situation and not putting the betting business or its customers at risk, you need a good Pay Per Head provider.

The software from the best Per Head providers on the market has several tools that allow bookies to detect suspicious activity on their clients’ accounts.

Moreover, the bookies can follow in real-time each movement and each bet that their clients make. As a result, bookies can determine when an account has unusual or risky activity and can suspend that account.

Also, bookies can even limit the amount of money that bettors can deposit into their accounts.

In this way, they can prevent any scammer from using the gambling business as a platform for money laundering or other crimes.

In conclusion, having a good Pay Per Head provider will allow bookies to protect their business and clients.