Saturdays are Streamlined with Pay Per Head Services

Shortening your workday while lengthening the amount of free time by having a pay per head service in your corner. Saturday’s do not have to catch you bleary eyed in the rush to grade Friday nights action and cover all of the college hoops. Streamlined, and autonomous, this system works even while you sleep.

NFL Playoffs and NCAAM Basketball Combination Shot

Weekends in December had a mad rush full of decisions that had to be rushed. As a bookie, if you chose to book all the games in the NFL and NCAA men’s basketball, you are exposed to stale lines, steam chasers, and certainly a lack of free time.

Your sleep is compromised as west coast and heaven forbid Hawaii Rainbow’s basketball has to be graded. Then it is up again on Sunday to book more wager and have to start payments or collections.

We got into this business to take advantage of our sports knowledge and end up getting buried by the sheer magnitude of offerings.

Do Not Reduce but Expand

Frustration has led many of our brethren to specialize or give up on new or low volume clients. The key when this is about to happen to you is to expand and not contract.

Lost money will never be recouped but by reinvesting some of your profit, you increase the overall bottom line. How this is all possible is with a low cost pay per head that specializes in customer service!

Take for an example a company with a sterling reputation like They have set the bar high with low costs per customer while offering lightning fast services.

They monitor in minutes what it takes us hours to do. The major American sports are their specialty and they have your offerings tied into the movements of Vegas and the offshore scene. No more exposure. With their call centers and superior software, payment is handled how you dictate it.

In the end, the silence of your phone at 12:30 PM is not because of a loss of business but because you have grown and delegated it to Find out the next level of financial expansion in the bookmaking business by visiting their website today.