Betting Software Developers Are Now Wanted by The Fed

A popular saying goes that programmers are machines that turn caffeine into code. Well, not this time.

Gambling is a multimillion dollar industry with a long record of corruption, for that reason is extremely regulated in the US. Betting is legal under the Federal law, but in the case of online gambling… It turns out to be very restricted.

The UIGEA of 2006 (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement), instead of forbid online gambling itself, interdict all financial transactions with online gambling platform providers. This triggered in some offshore betting operators (Sportsbooks) to migrate and regulate the business clientele list out of US players as in the same time others had found the way around it. Where there are degenerate gamblers there is money to be made and bookies will find the way to make it.

That said, online gambling is always changing and the feds don’t always keep up. However, the US government may have found the “Achilles heel” to the illegal gambling by coming after the architects and master minds who develop the betting software being used for it.

Bookmaking Software Programmers be Alert!

A few months ago, Robert Stuart, a programmer whose company Extension Software designed a system that provides offshore gambling sites the ability to offer betting odds for sporting events, that keeps a track the bets were placed. For that reason, Stuart has been charged with promoting gambling in NY because his software are used by illegal bookmaking operations all over the US for the last three years.

His software is licensed on on periods of 3 months. Stuart says he delivers services and sets up the software legally, but what his clients do with it from that point on is out of his hands. However, NY authorities claim that Stuart’s development company “knew what they were doing” by knowingly advanced and profited from unlawful gambling activity by engaging in bookmaking to the extent that they received and accepted in any one day more than five bets totalling more than five thousand dollars.

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