5 Reasons Why Customer Service Is Key to Business Growth

Bookies for what ever reasons tend to underestimate the value and importance of customer service in their betting business.

Moreover, many bookies do not spend enough time evaluating and improving the customer service of their betting operation.

Bookies believe that since their Pay Per Head partner’s staff is in charge of customer service, this exempts them from this task.

Although most Pay Per Head companies offer high-quality customer service, this is not always the case.

In this blog, we will present you with five reasons why customer service is a fundamental element for the success of your betting business.

Why is customer service essential for the business?

Customer service is one of the most critical functions of any business. But in the betting industry, it is especially important. This is because good customer service can cultivate good relationships with customers and keep them loyal to your betting site.

In addition, good customer service will help you attract and retain more bettors. Therefore your betting operation will be able to grow much faster.

If you still doubt the power of customer service for the success of your betting operation, here are five data-driven reasons why.

Customer Service Affects Your Reputation

Customer service is the first and foremost point of contact that gamblers have with your brand. Therefore, the image that bettors will have of your business will depend on how good that experience is.

For example, if a bettor makes a call to your customer services department to ask a question and receives a bad treatment, or it takes a long time to give him an answer. This will create a negative image of your business in that customer.

As a result, that bettor will not return to your betting business. Worst of all, he will probably tell others about his bad experience. Therefore the image and reputation of your business will be negatively affected.

For this reason, you should strive to provide top-notch customer services to all your bettors. No matter how small and insignificant the inquiry made by the bettor. The customer services staff should always strive to satisfy the bettor and provide a timely response.

It would be best if you remembered that without a customer services department, the bettors would have no way of communicating with you, or even worse, you would have to deal with all of your bettor’s inquiries on your own.

Customer Services Retains Bettors

A RightNow and Harris Interactive survey shows that 73% of people say they stay loyal to a company because of friendly customer services.

This means that customer service has a great power to retain and build loyalty with your bettors.

If you can keep your bettors loyal and keep them coming back to your betting site, you can have better revenues.

In fact, a 5% increase in customer retention can generate a 25-30% increase in your betting business profit. This is because loyal customers tend to spend more or bet more often.

In addition, customers who are loyal to a betting site tend to use various betting services and products such as the online casino or racebook. Therefore you can better capitalize on each customer and get better profits from each one.

On the other hand, customer loyalty and retention is cheaper than finding new customers. This is because once you already have a customer in your database, it is easier to contact them and convince them to use your betting services. In contrast, you have to invest more money and resources in convincing a new customer to try your betting site.

Satisfied Customers Bring New Customers

When you provide good customer service and leave your customers satisfied, they are more likely to recommend you to others.

It is for this reason that you must take care of the quality of your customer services. For example, according to HubSpot data, 46% of people have told a friend about a good experience they had with a company or brand.

Moreover, 24% of people claim to have recommended on social networks a company that offers an excellent customer service experience.

If you offer good customer services and you also have a good referral program, the number of new customers you will receive may take off.

Remember that people rely a lot on referrals from other people. Therefore, if you have loyal bettors who are satisfied with the service of your betting site, your betting site will be widely recommended in the close circles of these bettors.

Customers are willing to pay more to companies that offer better customer services.

An impressive 67% of customers say they are willing to pay more as long as the company offers top-notch customer services.

This is good news for bookies as it means they can add a little more juice to each betting line, and customers won’t mind.

Nowadays, many bookies compete on the value of the betting lines. That is, they try to offer betting lines with low juice to attract more customers. The problem with this strategy is that the bookie can end up losing a lot of money in the long run.

But if you have good customer service and use it as your differentiating factor, you will be able to attract bettors who are willing to pay a little more for that service. Therefore you can make better profits.

Good Customer Services Increases the Customer Life Cycle

The customer life cycle refers to the amount of time you will be able to make a profit from a single customer. Usually, as time goes on, customers may lose interest in your business or move on to another provider that offers more innovative products and services.

With good customer services, you can keep customers active for much longer. In addition, you can extract insights and information that can help you improve your betting business. Therefore you can increase the life cycle of your bettors.

A longer customer life cycle translates into higher profits for longer for your betting business.

How to provide first-class customer service?

To provide top-notch customer service, you need a highly trained staff with an in-depth knowledge of the betting industry.

In addition, you need a robust infrastructure that allows you to have multiple channels of communication such as phone lines, chats, and email.

All this can cost you a fortune if you try to implement it on your own on your betting site. Moreover, if you don’t have the technical know-how, you can make costly mistakes, for example, when choosing between a VOIP, copper, or satellite phone line.

For this reason, the best way to get high-quality customer service is through a good Pay Per Head provider.

Pay Per Head companies offer bookies a complete customer service solution that includes:


Pay Per Head companies employ a vast customer service staff. This staff has extensive experience in the betting industry and is very knowledgeable about sports, lines and odds, casino games, horse racing, etc.

Therefore, they can provide the highest level of customer service and are capable of dealing with and satisfying any customer.

Moreover, in many cases, this staff is multilingual, so they are also able to serve customers in different languages and provide a more personalized attention.


Pay Per Head companies have robust hardware to provide customer services. For example, they have triple redundacy networks that guarantee high-quality phone calls.


In short, high-quality customer service is the key to take your gambling business to the next level. To have the best technology and customer service staff, you must partner with a good Pay Per Head provider.