Data-Driven Bookie. Using the data provided by your Pay Per Head provider

In today’s business, data is the most important resource.

If you have accurate data and know-how to interpret it correctly.

Then you can make the best decisions for your business and make moves that give you a competitive advantage.

Bookies with a good Pay Per Head provider can access a large amount of data thanks to sportsbook software. This software allows bookies to generate different types of reports with data collected in real-time.

If used correctly, it will enable the bookie to run its business flawlessly.

Below we look at some of the types of reports that bookies should use more often.

Hold Percentage Report

A healthy business is one that can cover its operating costs and generate a surplus. To know if your numbers are well balanced and the business income will be enough to cover operating costs and generate profits, you should use this report. The hold percentage report will give you a detailed analysis of your winnings by period of time, by type of bet, by player, or by sport.

Cash flow report

Along with the hold percentage report, the bookie must review the cash flow report. With this report, the bookie will have a clear view of all the transactions that have occurred on the betting site, the amount of money that has come and gone, and the general behavior of the players on the site.

Profile of each player

Through this report, bookies can see all the activities that a player has carried out on the betting site.

For example, the amount of each bet he has made, the sports and teams he bets on most frequently, if the bet was placed by phone or online, among other information.

With this information, the bookie can better understand his players and determine their tastes and behaviors.

As a result, by knowing the players’ preferences and actions, the bookie can design strategies that best suit each player.

So that they feel special and more comfortable on the betting site.

The bookies must regularly review these reports. The best Pay Per Head providers on the market allow bookies to access these reports 24 hours a day, and in many cases, the reports are updated in real-time as new activity occurs on the betting site.