Leverage the Cash Flow of your PPH Sportsbook with Horse Betting.

Owners of a PPH Sportsbook should pay special attention to the cash flow of their business.

The cash flow of the betting business helped bookies determine how well their business is doing. Therefore, it is possible to know how healthy the business is and what decisions need to be made to keep it the way it is.

The problem is that most bookies tend to neglect their cash flow and focus only on reviewing the business’s total profits.

This blog will introduce the basics of cash flow and how bookies can leverage and improve it with horse racing.

What is the cash flow of a PPH Sportsbook?

Cash flow refers to the income and outcome of money flows that occur in the gambling business.

The difference between the outflows and inflows of money is known as the net flow. And is the best indicator to determine the health of a company.

For example, if a gambling business registers money inflows for $ 20,000 and outflows for $ 16,500 in a month. This leaves a difference of $ 3,500. In other words, this business is healthy and makes a profit from its operations.

On the contrary, if a business registers income of $ 20,000 in a month and expenses of $ 22,500. This leaves the business with a deficit of $ 2,500. In other words, the bookie will have to resort to the bankroll to pay all the players, and the business will register losses.

Proper cash flow management allows the company to maintain healthy and positive liquidity. Moreover, bookies who learn to forecast their cash flow will make better decisions and establish strategies to keep their business running smoothly.

How to manage the cash flow of a PPH Sportsbook?

There are several cash flows that companies use to organize and control their finances.

In the case of bookies, the most recommended to use are:

Operations cash flow

The operating cash flow includes all the income and expenses that the business has from the bets placed by the players.

In other words, this flow analyzes all the money that the business handles on behalf of the bettors.

Bankroll cash flow

Bankroll cash flow allows bookies to track how much money is coming in and out of their bankroll over a specified period.

Tools to manage the cash flow of a PPH Sportsbook

Bookies that are associated with a good Pay Per Head provider have a complete arsenal of tools to manage their cash flow.


Through the reporting tools, bookies can quickly find out the financial status of their betting business.

The reports present a detailed summary of all open and closed bets. In addition, the reports show how much money must be collected and paid to bettors.

With information on how much to collect and pay, bookies can quickly move money around their gambling business and maintain positive cash flow.

In fact, bookies must charge and pay bettors as quickly as possible. This is the key to maintaining a good flow of money and constant activity on the betting site.

In other words, using the reporting tool of a good Pay Per Head provider, it is possible to obtain a complete report of the business’s operating cash flow.

Betting Limits

At first glance, the betting limits tool does not seem to have much relation to cash flow. But the truth is that it is possible to control and even forecast cash flow using this tool.

For example, by setting the betting limits for a game, the bookie can project the maximum amount of bets that he can handle for that event and project various scenarios of income and expense flows.

In addition, through betting limits, bookies can protect their bankroll and even forecast cash flow scenarios to and from the bankroll.

Common Cash Flow Problems.

Simply having the tools of a good Pay Per Head provider is not enough to manage cash flow. Bookies need to know the most common problems that affect cash flow.

For example, one of the most recurring problems is the drop in cash flow. This problem is associated with low activity in the business.

The low gambling activity is due to two fundamental factors.

Breaks in the major leagues

Most betting businesses rely heavily on the betting activity of leagues such as the MLB, NFL, and MLB.

When these leagues go into the offseason, betting activity drops dramatically. This causes cash flow to suffer and can get bookies in a lot of trouble.

Little offer of betting options

A gambling business with few gambling options tends to have low cash flow. Over time, bettors get bored about not having a good catalog of betting options and end up leaving the betting site.

Gamblers are currently very demanding and the betting market is moving fast.

As a result, cash flow goes down, and the bookie can make significant losses.

The two factors mentioned above are easily solved with the help of a good Pay Per Head provider.

The best Pay Per Head on the market gives bookies access to a wide range of betting options.

In fact, the best providers offer access to betting options for more than 80 leagues and events worldwide.

In addition, these providers offer a comprehensive racebook, which can be a gold mine and one of the best ways to maintain healthy cash flow year-round.

How to leverage the cash flow of your PPH Sportsbook with horse bets?

Horse racing is one of the best options to improve the cash flow of any betting business.

Several factors make horse racing a gold mine, such as:

Constant activity

There are a large number of racetracks around the world. Hence, almost every weekend, there is activity on one of these racetracks.

Bookies with a robust racebook tool can offer betting options for more than 70 tracks from all over the world.

As a result, these bookies will always have betting options to offer their bettors throughout the year.

A large Number of Gamblers

Not only does horse racing have a large amount of annual activity, but there are also a large number of bettors.

For example, a racetrack like Santa Anita can register more than $ 1,000,000 in bets in a single day of activity, only from the bettors present on the track.

Many bettors cannot attend the track and look for options online to place their bets.


If you operate a PPH Sportsbook, it can be extremely helpful to pay close attention to the cash flow of your business. This way, you can quickly determine whether or not there is a problem with money flow. If you notice that there is a problem, already have a plan to fix it as soon as possible. If you don’t catch the problem early enough, it could end up costing you more.

In the world of online gambling, there are a ton of opportunities to make money, but there are even more ways to lose it. In this blog, we discuss one way to improve the cash flow of your PPH Sportsbook – horse betting. Horses have been a staple of betting for hundreds of years, and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.