Top Pay Per Head Company in Los Angeles

Let’s imagine that you run a local bookie operation in Los Angeles but you notice that your players are starting to put in less and less action with you, to the point that your action is down by almost 50 percent over the last couple of years. What’s happening there?

Why did so many players left you when you once had the largest bookie operation in the area? If you are still forcing your players to call in their action to you directly during limited hours, then that’s the answer you are looking for.

When players start leaving, you have to look at what other bookies are offering that you are not. Online sportsbooks have become so popular that gamblers are moving away from traditional operations rather quickly. If you want your business to stay alive and be profitable, it is probably time to start looking at the top pay per head company today, Bookmaking Software. You can visit their review here.

With a Pay Per Head company, the bookie has to pay a fee for each “head” that is using the service every week. The fees can range from as little as $5 to well over $25 per player, this varies according to the company. As a bookie, you need to look at these different operations and decide which service works best for your budget and meets the needs of your players.

One of the first decisions that you have to make is, will you need a call center or not. The reason for this is that many of the pay per head services will charge an upgrade fee if you need one. An advertised price of $5 can quickly turn into $15 if you are not careful. The reason for the upgrade price is that the pay per head’s staff has to be available to handle not only your action, but also the action of every bookie using the service.

If you want to save money, consider using only Internet access. You should run this by your players first, though, because some of the older players may not be comfortable using only Internet. If one or two players are uncomfortable you should continue to take their bets by phone and offer Internet access to everyone else. If most of your players want to use a call center then you should add this feature and consider that the players will be able to call 24-hours a day. The good news is that your phone will not be the one ringing anymore.

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