Becoming a Pay Per Head Agent Starts With the Software

If the coronavirus pandemic has proven anything, people have multiple ways to make money working from home. With the proper pay per head software, anybody anywhere in the world can open an oddsmaking sportsbook and profit by becoming an online bookie. 

You may have guessed that software is the critical element to profiting from a sportsbook business. Not all software is the same, and not all pay per head service organizations are the same. 

Also, most sports bettors, or players, know what they’re doing. Some call bookie agents looking to place bets on obscure options, like bowling or ping-pong. If an agent’s price per head provider doesn’t offer the sport, the player is likely to look for a bookmaker that does.  

If you’re interested in starting a company that provides free betting software online and requires a software provider, check out reviews on pay per head sites. To help you get started, we’ve listed some things you must look out for before making a final decision.

Most bookies use older, legacy software

Not everyone knows the difference between legacy software and proprietary software. Let’s define the terms first before getting into why pay per head agents should use proprietary software.

Per, legacy software is software that “is an old and outdated program” that some continue to use to perform a task for a user, even though “newer and more efficient options are available.”

PC Mag defines proprietary software as software that is “owned by a single organization or individual.” Proprietary software can also be legacy software.

When it comes to the sportsbook software industry, bookies want to go with a company that has new, proprietary software. Agents shouldn’t sign-up with an organization that provides older, legacy software. 

The two leading software in the pay per head industry is ASI and DGS. Most bookies run their organizations on either ASI or DGS. 

Many bookmakers aren’t aware they’re using ASI or DGS. Bookies sign-up with a per head company without ever considering the software. Most companies don’t advertise that they’re using older, legacy software.

As long as an issue doesn’t arise, bookie agents won’t ever know they are using software that’s existed in the industry for decades. There’s nothing wrong with ASI or DGS software. A bookmaker can run a successful business using either or both.

But by sticking with legacy software, bookmakers miss out on the advantages newer, proprietary software offers. 

Top 5 Proprietary Bookmaking Software Advantages

Simply put, proprietary sportsbook industry software provides advantages that older software doesn’t. Check out the Top 4 benefits of signing up with a company that uses their software. 

Non-third party online payments and collections option

All sportsbooks, even yours, must know how to pay and collect from players. Older software often requires pay per head agents to use third-party vendors, like Venmo or PayPal, to distribute funds to players. With proprietary agent software, bookies must never leave the same dashboard to make payments and collect. 

Reseller tools

Agents know the best way to make the most money is to become a master agent. Master agents set up sub agent accounts and charge subs a fee to use their branding and website. Master agents are the Fortune 500 CEOs of the pay per head industry. Companies that have their software can offer master agents reseller tools.

High-level player site custom domains

Experienced online bookmakers know there are different player site levels. Some agents want to create a specific brand. It isn’t easy to boost your site’s status or create a custom domain with legacy software. 

Platform product set

Bookies with online businesses provide betting platforms. Each platform is in a specific category. For example, a bookmaker could offer a racebook including horse racing options, a gaming platform with table games and 3D games, and a sportsbook with football, basketball, baseball, and other wagering options. 

Companies with proprietary software can more easily integrate other platforms, like a 3D gaming provider or live dealer platform. Adding platforms boosts a bookie’s product set.     

A final consideration? Company integrity. Like in any industry, fly-by-night companies exist in the PPH industry. Suppose a company uses its software and doesn’t rely on ASI or DGS. In that case, you can feel confident agents helped develop that organization’s proprietary software and that the company has been in business for a while. 

If you’re considering becoming a pay per head agent or want to boost your sportsbook business, make sure to first sign-up with a company that uses their bookie software. By doing so, you can run a more efficient and flexible organization that you can quickly grow.