Before Deciding on Pay Per Head Software, Decide on Your Bookmaker Goals

When it comes to software, bookies have many choices. The pay per head industry includes low-cost leaders, organizations like that use proprietary software, and affiliate online sportsbooks.

In most cases, choices are a good thing. But when it comes to per head sportsbook applications, features, and tools, too many choices can cause headaches and anxiety. To cut down on stress, bookies looking to become bookmaker agents must decide on the type of sportsbook operation they wish to run.

The decision isn’t as easy as it sounds. Software is so advanced, as an example, includes a payment integration system, booking agents with the desire can create player level sites on par with more robust online sportsbooks.

Players can also use sports betting tools like layoff accounts to cut risk. Some PPH sportsbook software companies offer reseller tools, which help agents leap from local bookie to master agent.

If you’re apprehensive about what software you require to run your company, keep reading. This article helps you answer what kind of online sportsbook you wish to run and then lists the two software categories for sportsbooks.

What kind of online sportsbook do you want to run?

Answering the question isn’t easy. But it’s essential to decide on what type of company you wish to create. Doing so should lead to more client satisfaction as well as more profit.

Legacy and low-cost leader software

Legacy software like DGS and ASI is suitable for lower player-level site agents. Bookmakers who wish to run a sportsbook online for one to four players only should consider a low-cost leader.

Sportsbook operators whose clients don’t play anything beyond primary sports like football, basketball, and baseball require nothing more than a low-cost leading PPH software company.

Most bottom of barrel pay per head service companies provides a small digital casino with basic slots and table games. Players can throw down money on blackjack, craps, and roulette.

They can also spin wheels on traditional slots, but that’s it.

Proprietary and revenue-generating software

Top bookmakers who wish to increase their footprint must think about their organizations differently from one to four customer bookies. The one to four customer bookie has no competition.

Those four players will always bet with that specific bookie. The bookmaker can afford to use the low-cost software leader at the one to four-level because their customers won’t play with anyone else.

Sportsbook operators looking to increase profit must think more like an extensive online sportsbook than an individual bookmaker. Because the point-of-view is different, agents who wish to expand their client bases and make more money should consider going with a company that uses proprietary software.

Proprietary software companies can easily integrate third-party platforms that lead to more play and more profit. Action equals betting revenue, which translates to profit.

The only way to increase profit as an online bookie is to a) increase your footprint and b) increase play. Without both, you will be stuck in neutral and never raise your player site-level beyond being a local online bookmaker.

Why you should consider importing players to BossAction

If you decided bookmaking is a side job and you have no desire to increase your customer base, there’s no reason to continue reading this article. You should be happy with a low-cost leading PPH company.

Then if any issues arise, use the strong relationship you’ve built with your one to four clients to get past the problems. But if you desire to create a more profitable sportsbook, you should consider importing players to a company like

Because uses their software, they can add platforms like the Premium Casino with BetSoft 3D games. The company also provides two live dealer platforms, including one with Casino Hold’em tables.

The organization’s Live Plus in-game betting platform offers game trackers and video streams. even provides a way for agents to make payments and collect online without using a third party.

Agents who wish to become master agents, or are already master agents, can use reseller tools. The company even provides site creation services to help agents brand their websites.

Reddit sportsbook bookies should primarily consider a company like Marketing on Reddit has become more and more popular. But if a bookmaker sends potential clients to a site run by low-cost leading software, the Reddit bookmaker could develop a less than stellar reputation.

One other thing proprietary bookie software companies can provide that legacy software organizations can’t? Multiple promotions.

Because legacy companies are low-cost leaders, they rarely offer promotions the way a company like BossAction does.

So if you’re looking to expand your online sportsbook, make more profit, and run a player-level site on par with top sportsbooks, consider joining a company like