Live Betting Data With Sportsbook Software

Get live betting data with your PPH sportsbook software provider.

Key Points

– Live betting is the biggest trend in the sports gambling industry.

– Bookies should partner with pay per head software services that offer the best live betting platform.

Live Betting Data – Add the Excitement

If you are not aware already, the hottest trend in sports gambling is live betting. Bettors can enjoy placing wagers on sporting events while they are being played. 

Being able to get a feel for a game before placing a bet is an advantage for many sports bettors. It’s also a huge plus for sportsbooks. As more and more players enter the market, they are searching for sportsbooks that offer live betting data and, in many cases, live streaming.

Smarter bookies are now partnering with the top pay per head providers in the market to offer live betting opportunities to their players.

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The Best PPH Software

Any pay per head service worth anything now offers live betting. In addition to a huge betting board, numerous payment/withdrawal options, and outstanding customer service, today’s bookies are looking for pay per head providers that have great live betting platforms.

It’s not enough to just offer live betting. Bookies need to search for the best pay per head services that allow them to capture the widest audience. That means the PPH must again offer a wide range of live betting options.

The best pay per head software services will have the biggest selection of live bets. They will also offer competitive lines and odds. You can gain the winning edge with RDG Corp.

Live Betting Data Sportsbook Software

Over the next five years, the sports betting industry is expected to grow by over $100 billion. A large part of that will be due to live betting

Increases in technology over the past decade or so have allowed pay per head companies to offer live, in-play wagers on sporting events. Over the past few years, the best in the industry have really sharpened their game.

Bookies using these pay per head services are now able to offer a wide variety of live bets. The lines on these live events are adjusted by the second. Upgrades in betting software technology allow PPH providers to offer continuously updated odds and lines for a wider variety of live sporting events.

Many live betting platforms now also offer the ability to live stream events. This allows bettors to watch an event on their mobile device right from their betting account.

More Profits

Bookies love the live betting feature just as much as bettors. Typically, live bettors lose more when betting live compared to placing pre-game bets. Plus, the juice on live bets is usually a bit higher which means more for the house. 

The higher volume of bets from live bettors and the extra juice all adds up to a higher hold percentage for the bookie. That means higher profits!

Live Betting Efficiency

With the right pay per head software, a bookie can increase his bottom line exponentially. However, the bookie must be able to handle a large amount of live betting traffic.

This is why the choice of PPH is so important. The sportsbook must be able to handle hundreds and thousands of live bets at any one moment. If the pay per head company cannot provide efficient service, it’s time to find one that does. Live betting data is essential to a successful bookie business today.

Making those higher profits comes down to whether or not a sportsbook’s software can adjust lines and odds quickly enough and process transactions efficiently enough to benefit the house. Bookies should keep that in mind when choosing a pay per head service.