How to avoid being scam by a Pay Per Head Company?

A Pay Per Head Company can make or break a betting business. Bookies should take the time to analyze carefully the Per Head company they are planning to partner with.

But there are many Per Head providers on the market, and some of them are scammers. As a result, bookies can have a hard time selecting a provider.

In this blog, we will present some tips on avoiding being scammed by a Per Head Company.

Research the Pay Per Head Company you are considering

Before you sign a contract with a Per Head company, make sure to do your research. First, find out as much information about the Per Head company as possible.

A good place to find information about the company is its website. Legitimate and reputable companies usually put on their website the history of how the company was formed or the team behind the company.

Be aware that some companies can provide false information on their websites or hide it. So you should pay close attention to the information the company provides. If you notice that there is something out of place, information that contradicts other information, or things that sound too good to be true, this may indicate that the company is not legitimate.

Many industry experts advise bookies to use a search engine and try to find information about the Per Head provider online to avoid being scammed by these businesses and/or find out if they are trustworthy or not. It would be best to look for reviews posted online by other bookmakers who have already used this particular service provider before committing yourself to a Pay Per Head Provider.

The best Pay Per Head reviews are an excellent place to find detailed, independent, and unbiased information about the reputation and quality of various Per Head companies.

Try to find as much information as you can about the Per Head company you are interested in. Don’t partner with a company that you can’t find references for or whose information is questionable.

Choosing a Per Head partner is one of the most challenging decisions bookies have to make. To make the best decision, you need to have as much information as possible.

Avoid a Pay Per Head company that does not have a solid reputation

When you are looking for a Per Head service provider, keep in mind the reputation of this business. Some Per Head companies do not have an extensive history and/or they might be new to the industry. Therefore, you should look for those who have been around for some time and offer high-quality services. An established company is less likely to scam you or give you poor-quality services.

In the gambling industry, reputation is crucial. The best Per Head companies take great care of their reputation and try to provide the best service to their bookies.

Watch out for hidden costs

By hidden costs, we mean expenses that Pay Per Head companies can inflate in order to make more money from bookies relying on their services.

The best Per Head companies take great care of their reputation and try to provide the best service to their bookies.

Most reputable companies charge a fixed monthly or weekly fee for each active player. These companies are usually very transparent and do not charge extra or hidden fees for services or platforms.

If the Pay Per Head company you are associated with charges you extra for using or accessing services or tools, you could be in trouble.

A good Pay Per Head company ensures that the bookies have all the tools and platforms they need to be successful. Therefore, these companies never charge extra or hidden amounts for their services.

Contact the Pay Per Head Company Directly

Before hiring Per Head’s company, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service staff directly.

When contacting the company directly, try to find out as much as you can about the company, its history, clients, products and services, etc. By having this direct contact, you will be able to see how attentive and efficient the company’s staff is.

You will also be able to extract a lot of valuable information to know which Per Head company to choose.

If the attention you receive is good, friendly, and effective, you can be sure that you are dealing with a good Per Head supplier.

Evaluating a Per Head company by the quality of service of its staff is an excellent way to determine what the company is like as a whole.

Perform a Free Trial

The best companies in the industry offer free trials for several weeks. During this period, you will be able to test and evaluate everything the company offers thoroughly.

In addition, you will be able to determine the quality and functionality of their products and services firsthand.

Commonly, scam companies do not offer trial periods. Therefore, if the company you are interested in does not provide you this option, this may be a warning that you should avoid that company.

What are the risks of partnering with a Pay Per Head disreputable company?

Loss of Clients

One of the risks of being associated with a disreputable Pay Per Head company is losing many clients.

For example, if you are associated with a company that does not have good backup and redundancy systems, your customers’ gaming sessions may be interrupted.

As a result, your customers will be disappointed and annoyed. They are likely to look for another bookie to place their bets.

The best Per Head providers have backup systems that use up to 3 different servers. This allows bookies to have a betting business that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week without interruption.

Per Head companies also invest a lot of resources to adapt their business to new trends. Thanks to this, bookies can count on the best in betting products and services. Hence, bookies can offer their bettors a fully loaded betting site with state-of-the-art odds, casino games, among others.

In short, through a good Pay Per Head provider, bookies can be highly competitive and offer high-quality services and products to their bettors.

Loss of money

Being associated with a bad Per Head company can cause bettors to lose a lot of money.

For example, bookies can spend large amounts of money on marketing to attract new bettors. In addition, they may have borrowed money to fund their bankroll. All that money dissapears in the blink of an eye because of a bad Per Head company.

This is because these companies can disappear overnight. As a result, the bookie loses his business and his customer base.

In addition, the reputation of the bookie suffers huge damage, as bettors will think that it was the bookie that let them down.

Regaining the reputation and prestige of your name as a bookie can be complicated and time-consuming.


Unfortunately, it is pretty easy to fall victim to a Per Head scam company.

But if you watch out for the signs and use the tips we have given you, you can avoid an unpleasant surprise.

Take your time to choose your Per Head partner correctly.

Remember that you choose the company that will provide you with the structural basis for running your betting business.

Do not take the process of choosing a Per Head supplier lightly.