Many seasoned bookie´s don’t want to go digital for two mean reasons

Contact with Players

They fear that if they build a betting website, they would lose contact with their players.

As a result, destroying their relationship and hurting the business profits.

Since the players won’t want to place bets through a betting site.

Lack of Knowledge

The other mean fear is that they don’t have the technical knowledge to build a betting website on their own.

And if they hired someone to help, the cost could be astronomic.

But when a bookie uses the right online betting service, he doesn’t have to worry about losing contact with his players.

And he can have a high-end betting site, with all the features to serve his current player base and attract new ones.

The pay per head system is a complete online betting service and is accessible to any bookie who wants to expand his business.

The pay per head solution offers access to a staff of engineers and web designers that will build a betting site according to with the bookie´s specifications, and the end they will deliver a professional looking and fully functionally betting site, ready to serve players worldwide.

The price per head system provides bookies with lots of tools to run their business, but they leave the main job of pay and collect from clients to the bookie since the pay per head doesn’t take any financial information from players.

That means that the bookie still needs to be in close contact with players, keeping the bookie as the face of the business.

Bookie´s shouldn’t be afraid to enter the digital era, if they sign up for the price per head betting solution they are protecting the business and the players with a comprehensive set of tools, that makes the job of being a bookie easier.

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