The Best Bookie Software to Win the Football Betting Season

The best bookie software allows you to capitalize and make big profits from the football betting season.

The football betting season is one of the most critical times of the year for most bookies. In fact, some sportsbooks may see an increase in betting activity of up to 30%.

In other words, bookies can take home a good cut and fill their pockets.

In this blog we will present the correct way to use the bookie software to get the most out of the football betting season.

Why is the football betting season so important to bookies?

The football betting season is one of the most important and lucrative in the entire betting industry. This is due to the following factors:

Millions of Fans

Football is the most popular sport in the USA, by far. In fact, in some states, football is more important than religion or politics.

A regular-season game can reach an audience of 12.52 million. In contrast, the last NBA Finals had an audience of 9.91 million.

In other words, an NFL regular-season game can easily outnumber the NBA Finals or the World Series. Even encounters between the worst teams in the NFL go far beyond the audience for other sports.

In fact, no sporting event has the same audience ratings as the NFL.

Such a large audience means a massive potential for bettors.

Lots of Activity During the Week

The NFL has three days a week on which games are held. These days are known as Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

The games that take place these days are televised nationally and are the ones that attract the most viewers.

With so much activity each week, the fans keep them interested and entertained. This high activity allows bookies to offer several betting options throughout the week.

In addition to game days, many TV shows, radio shows, podcasts, and YouTube channels analyzing and commenting on each game. Many of these programs even have sections dedicated to gambling. Therefore fans are exposed to a great deal of information related to games.

International Fame

Football is not only widely popular in the USA. The NFL has done a great job of spreading the word about the sport in other countries.

For example, every year games are held in countries like Mexico and London. In fact, during this 2021, two games will be held in London.

Through these games, the NFL gains a large number of new fans. These fans are potential bettors that bookies with the right software can do the trick.

In short, football is a worldwide phenomenon with a large fan base, and all of them are potential bettors waiting for the right bookie.

What is the best bookie software for the Football Betting Season?

In the market, many software providers claim to be the best. But not all of these software’s can deliver when it comes to the football betting season.

The correct software to get the most out of the football season should contain the following:

Best Bookie Software Report Tool

The bookie software must have a good reporting tool. Through this tool, bookies must identify the playing patterns of their bettors.

For example, identify if a bettor always bets on the Buccaneers in every game. By knowing this information, the bookie will be able to design strategies to take advantage of the patterns and tastes of his bettors.

Through promotions and special bonuses aimed at NFL bettors, bookies will be able to keep them loyal and hooked on the betting site.

Best Bookie Software Alerts Tool

By knowing the tastes and preferences of your bettors, you can place alerts in the games in which it is more likely to receive more bets. As a result, you will be aware of every move and everything that happens on your betting site. You can even anticipate the movements of your bettors.

A bookie who is able to anticipate the movements of his bettors will be able to protect his business and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Handicap Tool

One of the most important tools that bookies need is the handicap. NFL games can receive an immense amount of activity. Therefore bookies need to adjust and move the lines from time to time to maintain the correct balance between both sides.

Not moving a line of bets on time can be very expensive. Bookies should learn all they can about handicapping and hone their skills to make the most of the football season.

Attractive Interface

We can’t stress this enough. Today’s gamblers demand betting sites and apps with attractive and easy-to-use interfaces.

The best bookie software on the market provides bookies with powerful tools to create betting sites and apps with the latest design trends.

In addition, thanks to the software, it is possible to make the betting site and app compatible with the largest number of devices. As a result, it is guaranteed that any bettor, no matter what type of device he is using the betting services, will be able to do so correctly.

Best Bookie Software Live Betting

One of the most popular forms of betting today is live betting. Bettors want to fully experience the immersive experience of being able to bet while the game unfolds.

The best bookie software on the market offers robust live betting platforms. These platforms update in real-time with every action in the game and present odds that keep bettors on the edge of their seats.

Prop Bets

Finally, one of the most important functions that should not be missing in the bookie software is the prop bets. Bookies can offer bettors a wealth of betting options for the entire NFL season by using prop bets.

In addition to the Prop Bets, they are excellent for attracting fans and non-fans of the NFL. In other words, they are a great way to attract a broad customer base.

How to find the best bookie software for the football season?

Before selecting any software, bookies should take the time to study the market very well.

Through resources such as the best Pay Per Head reviews, it is possible to identify the best software providers.

In addition, the reviews provide a complete set of information that will help bookies make the best decision about which company to choose.

It is important to check reviews frequently as Pay Per Head companies constantly innovate and improve their products and services.


Football season has started, and it is now time to start working on your bookie software to capitalize on the season.

A good bookie software will allow you to work smarter and be more effective.

This post explored the different features that exist in the best bookie software.

We hope that you were able to learn more about the best software to use for football betting and that you were able to find the best bookie software for your needs.