Why Your Betting Site Should be Optimized for Mobile

With the world’s population growing and with more people coming from around the globe. It has been reported that by the end of 2020, there will be approximately 3.4 billion mobile phone users. Mobile devices have made it possible for people to do things they never could before. They can live stream a concert in a different country or order a pizza right after their favorite team scores a touchdown at halftime.

If you are not sure what the big deal with having a mobile-friendly website is, then you need to know that it has been predicted that in 2022 over 50% of the world’s population will be using the internet from a smartphone. Considering the fact that people spend more time on their smartphones than on their computers these days, you need to have a website that can be accessed on any device.

Mobile use has become a key connector for a wide range of different businesses. In order to optimize your business performance, it is important to create an optimized and engaging mobile experience for users.

The smartphone betting market is worth billions of dollars, and the numbers are only growing. Smartphones allow us to work from any location, make purchases from anywhere, connect with friends and family in real-time, and of course, place bets or play at an online casino.

It’s well-known that there are business owners who are weary of investing in their mobile presence. And, understandably so – since optimizing for mobile will likely take time and money. However, according to experts, the vast majority of these investments will pay off in the end. This blog post will provide you with some simple steps to create a mobily-friendly betting site.

Understanding the Mobile Gambling Market

To understand why it is important to have a mobile-optimized betting site, we present you some statistics on mobile devices. Sports betting is the second most popular use of smartphones for millennials, while their primary use is social media. This is because sports betting offers an interactive experience that other forms of social media cannot provide. With this in mind, it’s important to optimize your site for mobile users or risk losing customers.

According to a DataReportal report, there are 5.22 billion unique mobile phone users in the world. Also in 2020 90% of the traffic of betting sites was generated on mobile devices, according to Google Analytics.

70% of users prefer to see reviews of betting sites on their phones before visiting the sportsbook website.

When it comes to mobile usage, it is crucial that sites are up-to-date and offer a good experience for the user. Without that, many may end up looking for another site to settle down on. 

A study by HubSpot shows that 55% of users will move to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience. One of the most common complaints about mobile sites is slow loading times.

Mobile or Desktop Betting Site

Many bookies believe that their desktop betting site is enough to run a profitable business. But as the statistics above show the market is changing.

Today bookies must have a betting site optimized for mobile devices.

For example, a study shows that 78% of users prefer to use their smartphone to place bets rather than a computer because they find it more convenient and practical.

In addition, 61% of users who enter a betting site through a phone end up creating an account or placing a bet. And only 10% move to a computer to finish their transaction.

Given these data, it is imperative for bookies to have a betting site optimized for mobile devices.

How to Optimize your Mobile Betting Site.

If a page takes a while to load, users will quickly get tired of waiting and click away. This leads to a lower ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and may lead to lower conversion rates if the user never returns. There are many factors that can lead to slow loading speeds including high traffic volume, bandwidth constraints, and server issues.

Create a Responsive Betting Site.

Responsive websites automatically adapt to the size of any screen. Which allows anyone, regardless of the device they use, to access them. In order to increase exposure and to retain customers, create a website that is mobile friendly and able to be viewed by mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

Compress the Images

Images make up about 90% of the size of a website, so it’s important to compress images before uploading them to your betting site. This will help you improve the loading time of your site. One of the most common methods for compressing an image is by reducing its file size. To reduce the file size, try using one of these websites like TinyPNG or use photo editing software like photoshop. You can also compress images by lowering their resolution.

Avoid Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are the scourge of the internet. They are invasive, annoying, and often cause people to close their window or tab entirely. Though they may seem like a good idea to attract attention, Google penalizes the sites that use them on mobile. Therefore it is better not to include them on your betting site.

Leave your Betting Site in the Hands of Experts.

If you’re in the market for a mobile-optimized website, the easiest way to accomplish this is by working with a Pay Per Head provider. These companies have a team of web designers and developers that will be able to help you create a site that can attract and retain your customers; no matter how they choose to browse.

Web design has become a specialized skill. And it can be challenging to find someone who specializes in mobile-optimized betting websites. For this reason, many businesses are turning to the experts at Pay Per Head providers to create their websites. It is one of the easiest ways to create a 100% mobile-optimized website that will work on any device and across all browsers.

The Future of Betting is Mobile.

Betting is growing exponentially, with the industry expected to grow over 4% every year. 

According to statistics, in 2015, there were close to $5 billion in wagers placed on mobile. This number is expected to continue to rise exponentially in the coming years 

Mobile betting will grow tremendously due to its convenience and accessibility. Since allows gamblers to place bets when they are on the go, and not be restricted by an available computer or landline. 

As internet access continues to grow in popularity, it is also expected that mobile usage will increase. This means that the future of betting is mobile, with increased accessibility for gamblers worldwide.

In conclusion, if you want to feel secure in your company’s future, invest now in a mobile betting site. Not only can you be part of the exciting action on-the-go, but you’ll also be able to compete with everyone else doing business in the betting industry.

You will see how much you are losing to other companies due to the lack of a mobile site.

Save yourself the time and money by just investing in a mobile betting site now.