New Bettors: 6 Ways to Win their Trust.

One of the biggest challenges bookies have is gaining the trust of new bettors. This is because today, gamblers are very skeptical and demanding.

Skeptical Gamblers as New Bettors

Due to the large number of scams that happen on the internet, bettors tend to doubt new and little-known gambling sites.

Moreover, bettors tend to use providers that have a good reputation in the industry.

As a result, bookies who are just starting out with their betting business and do not have a reputation in the industry have a hard time convincing bettors to use their services.

Demanding Gamblers

On the other hand, bettors are more demanding every day. They demand the best betting products and services.

For example, bettors are looking for operators that have betting platforms compatible with all types of devices such as smartphones and tablets.

They also want betting platforms to have extensive betting catalogs such as betting lines for sports and events around the world, along with casino games and racebooks.

Bookies that cannot offer everything that bettors demand face serious problems competing in the market and attracting new bettors.

How can bookies attract new bettors to their betting site?

There are various strategies and tactics that bookies can implement to attract new bettors to their betting site.

Some strategies and tactics require more work and money to implement. In contrast, others are super easy and cheap to put to work.

In any case, the key to attracting new clients to the gambling site is to gain their trust and show your gambling site as a legitimate business.

Ways to Earn New Bettors’ Trust

With a little creativity and taking the right actions, you can earn the trust of any bettor and turn them into a customer for your betting site.


The reason bettors don’t trust you is that they don’t know you. You are a stranger to them trying to sell them gambling services. This makes potential bettors defensive and skeptical about the quality of your products and services.

To counteract this situation, you must apply storytelling to tell who you are and your betting business’s objective.

Human beings react positively to stories since they can create connections between ideas, facts, and actions. In fact, it is through stories that humans interpret and shape reality.

Also, the stories create empathy. Therefore, if you use powerful stories to introduce your betting business, bettors will feel more identified with you. As a result, their trust in you and your betting business will be higher.

Make Everything Easy

Bettors get a first impression of the quality of the gambling site by looking at its design and functionality.
If your gambling site looks outdated, it is poorly designed and difficult to use. This will cause bettors not to trust you and believe that your gambling business is a scam.

To gain bettors’ trust from the first second, they enter your betting site; you must have a betting site with a modern design that is easy to use.

Moreover, the betting site must be compatible with any device. This means that the menus and buttons are adapted to be displayed correctly on screens of any size.

On top of all this, the betting site should also offer the ability to place a bet or fund an account in just a few steps. The more automatic and intuitive the process is, the more confident bettors will feel using your betting site.

Perks, Promotions, and Bonus

One of the best ways to gain the trust of bettors is with a small bribe. Offering perks or bonuses for registering on the betting site lowers the resistance level of bettors. This is because bettors believe that the potential win is greater than the possible loss.

In other words, the bettor feels more comfortable risking to claim a bonus or a perk.

For the trick to work, you must offer good bonuses and perks. Since in the market, there is a lot of competition using the same tactic.

You should also make sure to offer things that you can deliver that do not put your business at risk.

Social Proof to attract New Bettors

People often do what others have done. This means that if someone uses a service or buys a product first, it is very likely that others will follow.

You can apply this technique to increase bettors’ confidence in your betting site. You only need to provide social proof of the experience other bettors have had with your betting service.

To use social proof, set up a comment form on your betting site where bettors can publicly comment on their experience they have with your betting site.

You can also ask your most loyal customers to write a short comment about the quality of your betting products and services.


A great way to increase the reputation of your betting site is through reviews.

The reviews are carried out by independent companies that evaluate and analyze in-depth the quality of your betting products and services.

Being an independent and unbias evaluation, potential bettors believe in the reviews. Therefore they feel more comfortable and confident to use a betting site that has a good review.

Something important to keep in mind with reviews is that you should not aspire to obtain a perfect rating. In fact, not even the largest gambling companies score 100 in all categories tested.

If you are associated with a good Pay Per Head provider, it is likely that you will get a good rating in most categories. But there will always be small details that will subtract some points.

The important thing about the reviews is that you get between a 4 to 4.5 overall rating. This will guarantee you a good reputation in the industry.

Also, bettors will begin to consider your betting site as a good option to bet.

Don’t Forget the Human Touch

Thanks to the services of Pay Per Head companies, many bookies delegate and automate the processes of their betting site. Which is not bad since that is the main objective of a Pay Per Head company.

The problem is that some bookies rely too much on these services. And they forget to deal directly with bettors.

To build a strong bond of trust with gamblers, bookies must be involved in the business.

Moreover, bookies should make their presence known and contact bettors to check that everything is going well.

It is also recommended that bookies directly handle some cases and inquiries from their bettors. In this way, bettors will know that they can count on the bookie at any time.

Maintaining a constant and close relationship with gamblers will make them feel calmer since they will know that you are there standing up for your business and that you will not disappear overnight with their money.


Growing a gambling business and attracting new customers can be complex. The key to attracting new bettors is creating a reputable and serious betting business. In this way, bettors will feel more confident to use your betting services.