PPH Services Do Everything for Bookies

PPH services do everything for bookies. And we mean everything.

Key Points

  • Working with a PPH service allows a bookie the opportunity to level the playing field in a highly competitive industry.
  • There are numerous advantages to partnering with a pay per head service including a turnkey website, player monitoring, customer service, and more.

What if you were an independent bookie and could turn over your entire operation to someone but still remain in charge?

You can. It’s hard to believe any bookie doesn’t already know, but pay per head services are available to help bookies run their business and, ultimately, help it grow. Our PPH reviews outline some of our favorites.

PPH services do everything for bookies which allows them the time to expand their business. Here’s how.

Level the Playing Field

The small bookie can actually compete with the big boys in the industry by partnering with a pay per head provider. Using PPH software will take any bookie’s business to the next level.

Pay per head services provide a state-of-the-art website, mobile website, and oftentimes, a mobile app. It’s fully functional and branded so a bookie can basically just plug in and go. Top services offer amazing betting software for NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and all the major sporting leagues.

Via the website, a bookie’s players are able to check lines and odds, take care of their banking, and even take care of any customer service issues. No longer does the bookie have to take care of all the administrative aspects of running a sportsbook. It’s all done for the bookie.

Now, a smaller independent bookie can have the same online presence as the biggest online sportsbooks in the industry.

If you already are using a PPH service, that’s OK. Switching pay per head services is easy.

Player Monitoring – PPH Services Do Everything for Bookies

One of the great features of using a pay per head service is the number of reports that can be produced. Bookies can look at all sorts of statistics that show trends on how, what , and when players are betting.

This information can be used by the bookie to help expand his business by offering different incentives to his player sheet. At the same time, bookies can continue to grow their player list by marketing the sportsbook via the Internet and social media.

Bookies will also have a better handle on their finances as all financial reports are available. Sportsbook owners have instant information as to how their operation is performing. PPH services also help bookies manage risk which directly affects the bottom line.

There are pay per head packages to meet every bookie’s needs.

Customer Service Separates Good From Bad

When you work with a pay per head provider, you also get the luxury of having a fully staffed and trained customer service department. Imagine not having to take calls dealing with making a deposit or withdrawal from a betting account. Your online bookie software provider will be your best friend.

A sportsbook owner never has to take another call with a customer service department behind him. It’s one of the main advantages of partnering with a PPH company. It’s also one of the biggest time savers.

PPH Services Do Everything for Bookies

With the extra time, bookies can focus on building their business.

They can add players and work on getting their current players to wager more often.

While the bookie still needs to work on expanding the business, a pay per head does everything else. 

Hey bookies! Are you already getting set for the NCAA Tournament? March Madness is right around the corner.