Pay Per Head Providers – Features, Types & Advantages

Pay Per Head providers are a fundamental part of creating and running a lucrative gambling business. Therefore it is vital to know the characteristics and types of providers that exist in the market.

It is also convenient to know the advantages that each provider offers. In this way, bookies can look for and partner with a provider that will allow them to take their betting business to the next level.

Currently there are many Pay Per Head companies in the market that can help you establish a betting business. Learn about their differences below.

What are Pay Per Head providers?

These are companies that are in the business of creating tools and platforms to run a betting business. The tools and platforms developed by these companies usually have the best in betting software and hardware.

Through these tools, anyone can create a complete betting business in a short time.

Pay Per Head companies have been around for a long time; some have been in business for over 20 years. But in recent years, thanks to the legalization of sports betting, these companies have become more and more popular. This is because more and more entrepreneurs are interested in starting a betting business.

Having a good per head provider helps to create and manage a betting business effectively and efficiently. In addition, thanks to the complete set of tools they offer, it is possible to compete with any company in the industry, even the big brands.

What are the fundamental characteristics of a good Pay Per Head company?

The characteristics of a good Pay Per Head company are:


The tools and platforms that the company offers should be easy to use. Regardless of their knowledge, any person should be able to use and master the use of these tools in a short time.
In addition, it should be possible to do any task in a few steps and without complications.

The solutions offered by per head companies should make the bookie’s life easier. Therefore the tools and platforms must be simple, practical, and user-friendly.


As mentioned above, the tools and platforms must make the bookie’s life easier. In other words, they must also be usable and allow him to manage his betting business efficiently.

The best Pay Per Head companies offer software and hardware that allows bookies to manage all aspects of their business from a single platform.

Moreover, this platform has options to automate and simplify various tasks and processes. Therefore they bring a lot of value and usefulness to the bookie.

Thanks to the platforms and tools, bookies can better manage their time and can focus all their energy on growing the business.


Although the tools and platforms offered by these companies are state-of-the-art betting software and hardware, their cost is very affordable.

In fact, most companies charge a flat monthly fee per active customer. In other words, bookies do not have to invest large amounts of money upfront in order to access the services of a per head company.

As a result, anyone can start a betting business with the best technology and infrastructure with a low investment.


The best companies in the industry provide close support to their clients. For example, these companies assign an account manager to work with each bookie. This account manager makes sure that the bookie can get the most out of the tools and platforms.

Thanks to this close support, anyone can start a betting business, no matter if they do not know much about the industry.

A good per head company cares about its customers and makes sure that they are successful.

What are the types of Pay Per Head providers that exist in the market?

Based on our experience and knowledge of the industry we can say that there are two types of companies:

Validated Companies

Validated companies are those that have a good reputation in the industry. The reputation of these companies is due to two factors:

Years in the market.

Some companies have been in business for 10, 15, or 20 years. These companies have worked hard during all those years to build a solid and recognized brand.

These companies value and care about their reputation. Therefore, they leave no customers behind and strive to maintain a high standard of quality in their products and services.

It is usually quite easy to find information about these companies on the best Pay Per Head reviews, as they have a large client base and a long history.

Management Team

There are other companies that are relatively new in the market, with 5 or less years of operation. These companies achieve their validation and reputation in the industry because they have been founded by people with extensive experience in the Pay Per Head business.

These companies often offer some of the most innovative products and platforms. Also, because the people behind the company know the industry well, these companies tend to be very reliable.

Unvalidated Companies

Unvalidated companies are those for which it is not possible to find much information. They are companies that have no reputation or track record in the industry.

In general, most of these companies are usually scams. It is for this reason that bookies should be very careful when partnering with these types of companies.

It is advisable to make a complete study of the background of the company and the team behind it. You should also ask past and present clients what their experience has been working with this company.

Why should you partner with a Pay Per Head provider?

Having the backing and support of a good provider can get your gambling business off the ground.

Thanks to the robust infrastructure and powerful software and hardware, you can compete with the biggest brands in the industry. You will also be able to provide a complete betting service to all types of customers.

With the help of a per head company, you can expand your betting business to any part of the world, and you can scale your business without the need for significant investments.

Pay Per Head Providers will give everything you need to be a successful bookie. Moreover, you can be highly effective and efficient in running your betting business. As a result, you can balance your life, hobbies, or other ventures while being a bookie.

Be an Industry Leader

The gambling industry is growing at a dizzying pace. If you partner with a good Pay Per Head provider, you will be able to take full advantage of the large market of bettors out there, and you will be able to take home an excellent cut of gambling profits.

Don’t miss the opportunity and look for a good partner to launch your betting business.