Pros and cons of Becoming a Bookie

Many people believe that becoming a bookie and starting a career in the sports betting business is too risky. However, careful planning and proper execution can make this career rewarding for anyone interested in pursuing it. The first thing you need to do is assess your time, skills, and financial situation before deciding whether or not you are capable of running a sportsbook. 

Becoming a bookie may seem intimidating because of the risks involved. However, many people have succeeded in this business, and there are plenty of resources available to help get you started. If you’re looking for a career change but don’t want to go back to school for four years, then owning and operating a sportsbook might be for you.

Tony Robbins once said, “People are capable of doing anything they set their mind to do.” People often decide to go into the bookie business because it is a flexible work environment with certain perks. But before you jump headfirst into the world of bookies, you should know what kind of pros and cons are associated with this career.

Pros of Becoming a Bookie 

There are several benefits of being a bookie; below, we present some of the most voiced perks by people who have been in the industry for several years.

Becoming a Bookie means be your own boss

It’s not easy to take the plunge, but working for yourself is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You don’t have to worry about making someone else rich while barely getting by yourself. It means you get to set your own pace, work whenever you want, and do whatever you please on the job. It also means that if you want a day off then it’s yours to take without fear of being fired or reprimanded.

In America, people are currently struggling to find jobs. In order to make ends meet, many people have turned to self-employment by starting their own businesses. The prospect of being one’s own boss has been a goal for many Americans who do not want to be trapped in a company that does not represent their values and beliefs.

Also, about 65% of people are unhappy with their jobs, they are stuck in a routine, working for someone else. By becoming a bookie you can change any of these situations and establish a lucrative career without much pressure.

You to dedicate yourself to your passion.

If you love sports and have been a long-time fan of various teams then becoming a bookie is your best option for a career. By becoming a bookie, you can dedicate yourself to what you are really passionate about– sports. You will be on the winning team as well as the losing team and still earn profits. Sports betting is such an exciting thing to do, and it is how people make their living.

For example, my good friend Matt is a massive fan of the Chicago Bulls. He knows everything about the team; he watches all the games, and every time he has the opportunity, he visit the United Center to see them play. Five years ago, Matt took a job that left him almost no time to follow his beloved Bulls.

Not being able to see the games caused a lot of frustration to Matt; after much thought, he looked for a solution, and the most logical option was to become a bookie.

By setting up his own gambling business, Matt not only gets to watch all the Bulls games; but now this is his job. His gambling operation had grown enough in the last five years. As a result, Matt could have the same lifestyle as when he left his job.

Also, Matt is happier than ever since he now dedicates himself full time to his passion.

The requirements to be a bookie are minimal.

You don’t need lots of experience to become a bookie; you just need betting software that does it all for you.

The best betting software on the market allows anyone regardless of their academic or technical level to create and operate a successful betting business. Those who are looking for a reliable way to make money without getting involved in any activities that are illegal in their country should check out what this software has to offer. The software is designed so that anyone can use it, even if they don’t have any sort of background in programming or coding.

Being a bookie allows you to enter a multi-million dollar market

The rapid growth of the sports betting industry is not only a result of the rising popularity of wagering on sporting events. But also due to technological advancements such as mobile betting. With an annual growth rate of 8.33%, the number of participants will double by 2028. The numbers are expected to be worth $179.3 billion by 2028, and people will be spending an average of $1,200 each year during this period.

It is a known fact that gambling is a lucrative industry with constant growth. In fact, it has been on the rise for decades, and that upward trend isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

Contras of Becoming a Bookie 

Everything good has a bad side, and being a bookie is no exception. Below we will present some of the negative aspects of creating a betting business.

Means being targeted by scammers.

When you have a gambling business, there are always going to be consequences when it comes to the money. The consequences aren’t always bad, but they are always there. I can say that when I was working as a bookie, I never knew if someone was going to try to take advantage of an unbalance betting line or use some software to rig the casino games. 

The only way to be a bookie is if you have a good pay per head provider who will protect you from the different dangers and people with bad intentions in this line of work. The most important thing in this business is protecting all your assets from being seized. This is exactly what Pay Per Head companies provides for their customers. They use the latest technology to encrypt and protect your business data and money. 

Being a bookie still has a negative cognition

Being a bookie is not the same as being a criminal. Bookies are the people who set odds for sporting events, for example, football games. They are legitimate businesses that are not illegal to operate in any United States territory. Some people see bookies as criminals because they are dealing with gambling, but this is simply untrue.

Sports gambling has become a legitimate business that the federal government regulates.