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Today’s leading choice for bookmakers throughout the globe, is provider of the best Pay-Per-Head services or PPH with over 500 agents using it as of today. The company is quite reliable for being under the operation of RDG Corp which traces its roots from 1996 and has since served the gaming industry. Their services are not limited to Pay Per Head bookmaker needs but sportsbooks, racebooks and casinos are given an exceptional all-in-one-solution as well. Thy utilize a world class software called the DGS which is similar to what many sportsbook use and would be highly familiar with.

Whether you are an aspiring bookmaker or are already running your very own bookmaker business, can be your ultimate partner on your path to success! Geared towards keeping your clients in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner, you can rest assured that you will be getting all the help you can get at all times. Modern times makes it essential that you build an online presence such that your clients will find great ease and convenience by allowing them to wager on sports, horses, or casino 24/7, worldwide, within a user-friendly environment. Sportsbook – Impressive Worldwide Betting Options

Worries about your clients quickly switching to another betting company is eliminated. Typically, it is merely due to the underlying problem of not being able to satisfy their needs and wants of endless betting options, which is resolved by Every day, your clients will be delighted with myriad of betting options you have made available to them right on the sportsbook, and hundreds of them!

The sportsbook software is built upon your best interest in mind, giving you and your clients intelligent software and technology imperative towards fulfill your betting requirements. The betting sheet is endowed with worldwide betting lines on major sports, while the software empowers you to create your own betting lines as you deem necessary on almost anything you want! Racebook – Highly Profitable Customized Betting Sheet

If you are on the verge of success, but find yourself unable to expand your business with limited technology or manpower, along with the added cost of running a new racebook, Pay Per Head can help you out too. The software has this feature as well wherein you have the luxury to offer your clients the pleasure of betting on more than 75 horse tracks situated in North America.

The racebook is undoubtedly a highly lucrative feature that is practical for your business, for you have the prowess to offer and increase ROI through customizing your betting sheet. You can work your way in the tracks you offer odds on, types of accessible bets, and have full control over designating the maximum winnings. Casino – Tons of Popular Online Casino Games

One of the primary reasons Pay Per Head is sought after by many is its ability to offer an online casino to players, allowing you to gain their confidence and trust on your site and will be less likely to leave so soon and bet anywhere else. There are indeed a vast number of new players and high rollers heading into online casinos at sportsbooks whenever they’ve blown off money.

Sure enough, your main goal is to get to keep all clients on your site as much as possible. This is why dozens of casino games are made easily accessible through Casino in tons of categories and variations, presented in an enticing way that leaves a good, lasting impression to your player base. The games include slot machines, video poker machines, table games such as blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as live dealer games. Mobile – Boost Business Growth

The PPH mobile platform promotes both increased visibility in the market and the growth of your business, which makes offering mobile betting imperative for online bookmakers struggling to maintain their image in the industry and stay ahead of competition.

Clients find it extremely satisfying when they can easily access their accounts on almost any mobile device they have, wherever they are. They can freely bet on sports, horses, and play their favorite casino games without having to look elsewhere for a service that can give the same convenient features. Cost

As initially cited, BookmakingSoftware.comis all-in-one, topped by the fact that everything that’s on the Cost Per Head software is customizable which yields reports real-time for a more manageable business operation.

This can be attained at only $10/head per client, pertaining to only the active bettors on your betting sheet.

No doubt, you can come up with your own remarkable brand and make it big when you can seamlessly provide each significant feature to your client.

All it takes to bring your company to the next level is to get in touch with Price Per Head today.

A simple message including details of your existing betting sheet is enough for them to implement the best possible setup and provide utmost assistance every step of the way.

There’s nothing to lose with their incredible four week trial period which makes it risk free, absolutely no hidden charges, and gives you ample time to experience sweet success!

Learn more about how much increase in ROI we’re talking about by testing out the on your betting sheet without any cost, and see for yourself the big difference it can make!

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