The importance of a website for a Pay Per Head Sportsbook

Nowadays, having a website is essential for any Pay Per Head sportsbook. In fact, if a company does not have a good website, it is likely to fail.

The presence on the internet is vital in order to attract customers and grow the business.

But many bookies still doubt the importance of a website for their betting business.

Moreover, it is common to hear bookies say, “I don’t need a website for my business,” which is a big mistake.

This blog will explain why it is vital for your Pay Per Head Sportsbook to have a good website.

Why is a website essential for a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

Asking why a website is vital for any business is almost like asking, do I need wheels on my car?

A website is like a storefront or an office. It is the way customers will interact with your business. Without a website, you will not be able to expand your business, and you will not be able to grow.

You may have a gambling business that is doing relatively well without a website. But at some point you will stagnate or worse your customers will start to leave in search of a better service.

Operating a betting business without a betting site is like chopping down a tree with an ax. You will probably be able to cut down the tree, but with a chainsaw, it would take less time, and you wouldn’t get as tired.

A website makes your job as a bookie easier and allows you to have a more professional business.

In addition, consumers today are very demanding and want to deal with bookies that are at the forefront of technology and betting platforms.

So if you want to meet the demands of consumers and take full advantage of the growing betting market, you must have a good website.

Is any website good for a Pay Per Head Sportsbook?

This is another common myth among bookies who underestimate the importance of a website. They believe that any website will do. It is not necessary to have an attractive, modern, and well-designed website.

The truth is that bookies who have a first-class website have up to 10x more activity than those who have an outdated or poorly designed website.

The website is the face of your betting business. It is the main point of contact between your business and your customers. For this reason, you must have a website that is pleasing to the eye and easy to use.

Think about it; you have to choose between two boxes to keep your money. One of the boxes is made of wood, poorly constructed with badly fitting parts and exposed nails. The other box is metal, all of its components are tight, and although it is not very attractive, it is pleasing to the eye. Which box would you choose?

The logical answer is to choose the metal box. It is the one that, at first glance, looks the most reliable, strong, and capable of holding your money safely.

As Robert Cialdini said, “Good looking automatically earns more trust.” That is to say that a good-looking website will make you earn the trust of your customers much faster. As a result, you will have more activity and earn more profit in the medium term.

Not having a good website represents a great cost for your business since you will lose many potential customers.

What should a Pay Per Head Sportsbook website look like?

According to data from, people say that design is the most crucial factor they evaluate to determine whether they can trust a company or not.

Therefore, one of the most important aspects of a betting website is its design. It should be attractive and modern.

In addition, the website should be easy to use by anyone. And on any kind of device from a computer to a tablet or smartphone.

A well-designed website will boost the credibility of your betting business, which will improve your reputation and bring you more new customers constantly.

Moreover, a good website will allow you to build customer loyalty and build a loyal bettors’ base.

Overall a website will contribute to increase your profits and the reach of your betting business.

A good Pay Per Head Sportsbook website should also have a wide range of betting options. That is, it should include lines and odds for sports and events from all over the world. It should also include casino games, live betting platforms, and even racetrack betting options.

Bettors want betting sites where they can satisfy all their needs and where they can find everything they like in one place.

How to build a good Pay Per Head Sportsbook betting site?

There are two ways you can go about building your betting site:

Do it on your own

You can create your betting site on your own. You can use tools like Wix or WordPress, or you can hire a web designer to do the job.

The problem with this option is that it can be very expensive. For example, if you choose to use Wix or another web design system for beginners, you will have to consider the time it will take to learn how to use the program. Also, with these systems, you will not be able to integrate bookie software directly into the website. This will force you to manually do all the information updates, such as publishing odds and lines.

On the other hand, if you hire a web designer, you may end up paying a high bill to have the website you want. Depending on the designer, their fees can be around $70 an hour. Also, developing a betting website is not an easy project, especially for someone who has no experience in the industry.

In short, building a gambling site on your own is not the most viable option, and you may end up spending a lot of money and end up with a mediocre product that does not meet your needs or those of your customers.

Hiring a Pay Per Head provider

The best Pay Per Head companies in the industry employ an entire staff of web designers and programmers. These staff members have extensive experience in the gambling industry and are up to date on the latest trends. They know what gamblers want and know how to design a website for the industry.

When you hire a Pay Per Head provider to create your betting site, you have the ease that the bookie software and all its functions will be directly connected to your betting site.

As a result, you will be able to publish and move betting lines easily. And any changes you make to the betting lines will be immediately reflected on the website.

You can also choose from a vast catalog of casino games, which you can include on your betting site.

Another advantage of using a Pay Per Head company to create your betting site is that it will be compatible with all types of mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones. Thanks to this feature, you will reach a larger number of customers and have a betting business at the forefront.


A website is your own real state on the internet. It will allow you to have a successful betting business with great possibilities for growth.

There are several ways to create a betting site, but the most efficient way is through a good Pay Per Head provider.

If you want to succeed in the betting industry, you must make sure you have a first-class website with the best technology and the best in software and hardware.